• Who is COMAI?

    COMAI is a leading company in the smart toilets industry, with a rich history spanning 14 years since its establishment in 2007. From day one, COMAI has been dedicated to improving the toilet experience for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, focusing on cleanliness, convenience, comfort, and health.


    COMAI has achieved several significant milestones throughout its journey. In 2009, they proudly introduced the first tankless smart toilet in China, revolutionizing the industry with their innovative approach. The following year, COMAI played a pivotal role in shaping the Chinese Smart Toilet Industrial Standard by actively participating in its draft.


    The commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous standards led COMAI to obtain the CQC certificate in 2011, further solidifying their reputation for quality and reliability. In 2015, COMAI became the first company in China to receive the prestigious SIAA certificate, a testament to their dedication to producing safe and hygienic smart toilets.


    COMAI's influence extended beyond China's borders when their toilets were chosen as the dominant choice for the G20 summit in 2016, showcasing their exceptional design and functionality on a global stage. In 2019, COMAI once again pushed the boundaries of innovation by introducing the world's first magic rhythm washing technique, further enhancing the hygiene and comfort of their products.


    The industry recognized COMAI's outstanding design capabilities in 2020 when they were honored with the prestigious IF design award. This recognition further solidified COMAI's position as a leader in the smart toilets market.


    Design, quality, health, comfort, and convenience are the cornerstones of COMAI's philosophy. With an unwavering commitment to these principles, COMAI continues to push the boundaries of smart toilet technology, providing people around the world with an unparalleled bathroom experience.

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